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Mens 3rd Division Basketball Champions 2012

The OSCA Men’s 3rd division team had an AMAZING season this year. We had nearly a perfect record for the whole season (17 wins and 2 losses) and we managed to beat the Vipers Black in the final to become the Otago 3rd division champion for 2012. Throughout the season, there were different obstacles such as injuries, being short of players during the semester break and height differences which could have prevented us from winning the title, but everyone in the team managed to step up and provide massive contributions to overcome all the difficulties which was the key for our success.

There were many highlights throughout the season. The most outstanding one was the game against Vipers Black in the quarter finals. Vipers Black was one of the best teams in the league and they ended up at 2nd place in the regular season. It was a very close game; neither team had a lead of more than 10 points at any point. In the last 8 seconds of the last quarter, OSCA was down by one and David Tonkin made the clutch free throw to bring the game into overtime. Again, the game was close in the overtime and we managed to have a small lead at the end. Unfortunately, this time Vipers Black made a clutch basket which brought the game to the 2nd overtime. In the 2nd overtime, we tried everything we could against that team, but our players were very tired already and some of us got fouled out, so in the end we lost the game by 1. This was a tough loss and all of us were quite upset because of it, but we all knew that we had another chance to beat them again in the final if we could get through the semifinal. 
So, we kept our composure and patience in the semifinal and managed to win against Falcons.

In the final, with an outstanding shooting and defensive performance, we managed a 42 points win against the Vipers Black (103-61) and became the Otago 3rd Division champion in 2012. 
Overall, it was an exciting season and I am sure everyone in the team enjoyed it. Also, I want to give thanks for all the support from the members in OSCA who cheered for us throughout the season. This support helped us to build and improve our intensity throughout the games, which we all appreciated. I hope we can bring our success to the next season and bring the title back again.