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OSCA Triple Threat Tournament 2014

By Eddie Liew
12-14 September 2014

The OSCA Triple Threat Tournament started on Friday night 12th September and finished early Sunday afternoon .  The tournament was a new idea put forward by the youth committee as there was no South Island tournament this year. The tournament consisted of three sports (dodgeball, indoor soccer and indoor netball). There were six teams that competed throughout the weekend, most of which were university students. It was good to see the wide range of competitors too as we had four OSCA teams, an Indonesian team and a Malaysian team. 

Dodgeball was very successful as it was played at Unipol. Not many people knew how to play but that didn’t matter as everyone knew the main objective was to hit the other team. Luckily there were no injuries. The remaining two sports were held inside the Metro Indoor Sports Centre, each sport ran accordingly as they provided referees and OSCA made the draws.

A lot of sweat and tears were dripped from each competitor as no one wanted to lose and it may have gotten a bit feisty but in the end, everyone enjoyed the tournament as new friends were made. When all the sports were completed, we finished off the tournament with a delicious lunch of fish and chips and also a pub quiz. This was to allow teams to sneak in a few extra points before awards were handed out.

  • Winner:  Mighty Roast Ducks
  • Runner up:  The Other White Guy
  • MVP (Soccer):  Shamus Moffatt
  • MVP (Dodgeball):  John Lai
  • MVP (Indoor Netball):  Matt Klomp and Dave Hoekadjk
Many thanks to those who kindly donated prizes for the tournament: Angus Restaurant & Bar, Southern Honda, Velvet Burger, Norman Chan, Cadbury and ANZ.