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OSCA Triple Threat Tournament 2015

By Celine Ahkit

This year’s triple threat tournament was a tonne of fun! Triple threat consisted of three days filled with talented people, tricky passes, triumphant wins, tough competition and of course, tasty food. We played indoor soccer, indoor netball, a friendly game of dodgeball and participated in a quiz where spot prizes and awards were handed out.

The first sport we played was indoor soccer on Friday night where everyone got stuck in straight away. Footie started off with a game between Basic B’s and the Overcomers where the other teams looked on from the side line. Throughout the games, there were a few injuries as well as a few own goals. Player of the day went to Shamus for blowing everyone away with his skilful dribbling and effortless goal scoring. Overall The Replacements were the strongest team coming out with a win. 

The next day we played dodgeball and indoor netball at night. Dodgeball was held at Unipol and was a good way to get revenge from the previous night’s event. One highlight from the match was John Lai doing an impressive split in mid air! Everyone played extremely well with all teams getting a few wins under their belts, but Skeleton Dragoons 2.0 ended up on top. 

Indoor netball on Saturday night was an event to remember. Like indoor soccer, it was held at Metro. We needed 6 players on at a time plus extra subs. Because we needed our whole team, we made a very stoked Jah Wee rock up in his Tomato Heinz get up after helping out at a student pub crawl. Regardless, he was still on top of his game. It was entertaining watching all the other netball games and the skilful passes and hard shots everyone was attempting. Everyone got involved and we all played really well, especially Esther who absolutely dominated the court. 

The pub quiz was a nice way to end the tournament. They started the event with a recap of our lip syncs from campwhich was awesome to relive and laugh at again. The quiz rounds went really fast with The Replacements getting almost 100% of the answers correct even though the questions were all pretty tough! At the end, spot prizes and awards were handed out. The tournament was so much fun and allowed everyone to partake even if they hadn't played the sport before. It was a great atmosphere and allowed us all to end the year on a high.


  • MVP: Indoor Soccer: Shamus Moffatt
  • Dodgeball: John Lai and Cameron Young
  • Indoor Netball: Esther Cheong
  • BEST ALL ROUNDERS: Sam Ng and Paddy Ou
  • TOP TEAM AWARD: The Replacements

There were also many spot prizes which were enjoyed by the lucky winners


Southern Honda – WOF voucher and deluxe, car clean

Nanking Restaurant – for frying the food donated by OSCA for the Sunday lunchAngus Restaurant & Bar – Velvet Burger vouchers

Thank you so much Aunty Frances, Aunty Lee & Uncle Linus, the sports controllers , the OSCA Youth Committee and everyone else who was involved for organising the event and making it such an enjoyable experience for everyone.