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OSCA Basketball Timetable 2016

Otago & Southland Chinese Association Basketball practice fees

The Otago & Southland Chinese Association Basketball basketball practice fees are listed below . The fees this year covers the two university semesters so there are only two payments involved instead of the usual three payments. The South Island Tournament might be held in Christchurch this year in mid September  i.e 2 weeks earlier than usual but this is yet to be confirmed.  We are keen to enter as many teams as possible to participate if the tournament goes ahead

You must be a member of the Otago & Southland Chinese Association to be able to play.

Payment entitles you to:

  • Entry to Edgar Centre for all timetabled OSCA trainings in 2016.
  • Team coaching at trainings.
  • Use of uniforms for OSCA teams in the local Dunedin competitions.
  • Use of uniforms at tournaments.
If you do not wish to pay the basketball term fee you can still attend our practices by paying $3.00 per practice. Payment of the following fees must be at the beginning of each practice/semester.

Single Practices:

Semester One:
    $42.00 (Miniball)
        - 15 Practices
        - $21 for 2nd Child
        - $21 for 3rd Child
    $30.00 (Secondary School & Tertiary) 
        - 11 Practices (Tuesday Easter Practices are free for OSCA participants)

Semester Two:
    $12.00 (Miniball)
        - 5 Practices
    $21.00 (Secondary School + Tertiary)
        - 8 Practices