South Island Chinese Basketball Tournament 2010

By Rachel Chin
The South Island basketball tournament got underway in Christchurch after the earthquake disturbed initial plans. Basketball games were shifted to gyms at St Bedes College, St Andrews College and Burnside High School. Luckily for us Hotel So was still open as well.

The trip began on a Friday evening, the 24th of September; we took 2 vans and several cars up to Christchurch to compete at the tournament. The drive up was a smooth success and many of us had fun singing along to the road trip tunes. Thank you to Uncle Linus, Aunty Lee  and Jono for driving the vans.

Our first round of games began on Saturday the 25th of September. OSCA entered teams into Tiniball, Miniball, Intermediate, Woman’s Overs, 2 x Menes Overs and the Mixed grade.  Unfortunately we didn’t have enough numbers to enter teams into the High School grades. Each team fought very hard with various wins. Woman’s Overs found success in beating Canterbury 2, men’s 1 managed to beat Canterbury 3  and lost by 2 points in the semi-finals.  Menes Overs 2 and the Intermediate team also had a win each.  Our greatest success was in the Tiniball grade. The OSCA Tiniball team did extremely well taking out the title over Canterbury. Praise should go to the Miniball coaches, Richard Wong, Yi Deng, Regan Young and the families that helped out. Thanks also to Albert Yen and Conrad Wong for giving lots of encouragement and for coaching the other senior teams.  The Mixed grade turned out to be great fun for everyone. There were only 2 teams in this category; Dragons (from Wellington) and OSCA. There were a lot of tricks and skills displayed by both teams, including shots from half court, dunks, left handed 3 pointer attempts, which produced first class streetball matches.

Overall the tournament was a huge success, everyone had an enjoyable time. Thank you to everyone that helped out including Lee and Linus, and special thanks to Aunty Frances for organising the trip. Next year Otago is supposed to host the September tournament, however because of the Rugby World Cup it has been decided to not go ahead. We will wait till the year after where we will be back in Christchurch.

By Davina Wong
The weather was great and we shared the experienced of earthquakes.  Hats off to our great Canterbury hosts who have suffered so much trauma in the last few months.

Our miniball team played in the miniball and intermediate sections.  They were thrashed in the first intermediate game by a team of giants.  A real mismatch, but they fared better in the miniball section.

On the other hand our tiniballers, a team of 5 girls and one boy won the trophy and were absolutely ecstatic.  Only three of them had ever played an organised game prior to the tournament and that was in the tournament in Dunedin last year.  Our two most “experienced” players, Anton & Amelia were the high scorers

On Social night the kids had a fun time at the disco in town.

Big thanks to the coaches Richard, Yi and Regan who have been amazing with the kids, giving up their time to coach for 3 terms!