South Island Chinese Basketball Tournament Rules

Official Name
The tournament will be known as the South Island Chinese Basketball Tournament.
All South Island Branches will be invited and may field their own teams or join a larger Branch’s teams. North Island Branches are eligible to participate in the Tournament but such participation will be on an invitational basis. The acceptance of an invitational team entry will be at the sole discretion of the Host Branch.

To suit both school and university students the tournament is to be held in the first weekend of the September school holidays. This will mean that it will not be too close to university exams.
The Tournament date is to be confirmed by the host branch 6 months prior to the next tournament.

Official rules of the NZCA Easter Tournament have been adopted.
These include the rules for:
Objectives: to promote friendship, goodwill, mutual understanding and to enjoy healthy competition among Chinese.
Eligibility: persons eligible to participate in the games at the Tournament must be current financial members of one of the Branches of NZCA and are:
  1. A Chinese person; or
  2. The spouse of a Chinese person; or
  3. The adopted child of a Chinese person or the adopted child of the spouse of a Chinese person;
  4. The De Facto partner of a Chinese person; or
  5. A birth parent of a Chinese person or a parent of an adopted Chinese person
provided that person has lived as a permanent resident in NZ for a period of 3 months.
If a player is attending a University or similar educational institution in their Branch, the 3 month rule relating to residence shall not apply.
Miniball & Basketball Rules: Official International Rules.
Any deviation from these official rules must be discussed and agreed upon by all participating branches at least 4 weeks before the tournament.
Grades: (Eight grades available to be contested. Only Tiniball is unofficial.)
  1. Tiniball – younger players and new players to the sport (Unofficial grade)
  2. Miniball – Primary school children (up to Year 6)
  3. Intermediate – Intermediate school children (Years 7 & 8)
  4. High School girls
  5. High School boys
  6. Women’s Open
  7. Men’s Open
  8. 8. Mixed Open*
High School = High School children (Years 9-13)
Open = High school leavers, those in Tertiary institutions and adults

*Providing that Men's Open and Women's Open are both official grades, then the Mixed Open will be unofficial.  Therefore the situation may change from year to year depending on the entries.

Other rules:
Players may represent one Branch only.
Players may play in a grade above their age group.
Players may play in up to two grades: their own official grade and a grade above. This is only to allow complete teams to enter into the competition when there is difficulty in finding enough numbers to make up a team. Permission for a player to play in two grades must be obtained from the other participating branches no later than 1 week before the tournament starts. This tournament abides by the new NZCA rules about playing in two grades (2008)
Mixed teams must have a mix of male and female on the court at all times.
Special dispensation is available for players who are in their first year of the game and who would be better suited to playing in a grade lower than their age. Permission must officially be gained from the other Branches at least 4 weeks before the tournament.

Tournament Trophy (South Island Branches only)
Only official teams and grades will count towards the overall trophy.
For a grade to become official the makeup of competing teams must match e.g. all mixed teams or all single sex teams competing.
The Tournament trophy is awarded to the Branch who wins the most grades.
If there is a tie then the trophy is awarded to the Branch who wins the most games in the official grades.
If there is still a tie, the centre that previously held the trophy shall retain the trophy.

Grade Trophies (South Island Branches only)
Each grade will have a trophy which will be awarded to the winning team in that grade.
Only two South Island Branches need to participate in each grade to make it an official grade.
Each grade will be played as the best of 3 games.
If there are 2 teams and an invitational team, then a round robin with the 2 top teams playing each other in the final is acceptable.
Invitational teams are not eligible for the trophies but are able to compete in the finals.  The top ranked South Island team will then win the trophy for that grade.

The trophies will be held for one year by each winning team and returned to the venue of the following year’s tournament. The winner of each trophy shall be responsible for the engraving costs.

Participating Branches’ responsibilities
The participating branches must notify the host branch of the teams that will be participating at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the tournament.

Host Branch responsibilities
The host branch will notify all South Island Branches of the confirmed date and venue of the Tournament at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the tournament.
The host branch will provide
  • the venues
  • basketball draw at least 1 week prior to the commencement of the tournament.
  • small soft drink or confectionary for participating players
  • a venue and time for a tournament meeting to discuss any issues that may arise
The host town will also arrange for all participating players and supporters a
  • tournament dinner
  • social function