South Island Chinese Miniball and Basketball Tournament 2013

By Boris Ma
28, 29 September 2013

Last year, the South Island Chinese Basketball Tournament was held in Dunedin on 28th September and 29th September at the Edgar Centre. 30 people from Christchurch attended the tournament. They entered 2 mens open teams, 1 womens open team and 1 mixed team. OSCA entered 3 mens open teams, 1 womens open team, 2 mixed open teams and 2 evenly matched junior teams (with 2 players from Christchurch). Fortunately, OSCA won every category in the tournament, so we won the overall tournament trophy in 2013.

A social dinner for the tournament was held at Burns Hall, behind the First Church and the facility was ideal for 100 attendees. There was also plenty of parking at the back of the church. During the dinner, two performances were made by the miniball group – 2 delightful dancers (Emily & Katie), Gordon (amazing voice) and his support group. The winner of the lipsync competition from OSCA camp also performed and the entertainment was enjoyed by all. The delicious dinner was provided by Sichuan 88 in a Chinese buffet style. Ruth Kelsall made an amazing dessert of 100 cupcakes with a dragon and snake design plus other treats. Thanks to Frances & Colin, Leanne, Mike & Sally, Stephanie, Keith, James & Tracey, and Teresa and Hamish who helped with the setting up of the hall and clean up.

OSCA Yellow v Canterbury

Miniballers on the run

OSCA Yellow Mixed Open team

OSCA Blue Mens Open

OSCA Rebels - Miniball/Intermediate
(Back row) Katie Wong, Olivia Hall, Zachary Lay.Tobias Brennan, Vivienne Lau, Ella Hou
(Front) Anthony Chin
(Inset) Christine Wong (coach), David Zeng

OSCA Nuggets- Miniball/Intermediate
(Back row) Michael Hall (coach), Emily Kelsall, Joshua Hou, Amelia Hall, Jessica Lim
(Front row) Ophelia Yu, Cathy Zeng, Jacob Hall, Regan Chin, Timothy Ding (Canty), Jarmen Yee (Canty)

OSCA Women's Open

OSCA Yellow -  Mens Open Winner