South Island Miniball and Basketball Tournament 2008

By Karena Sew Hoy
On the 27th & 28th of September, the OSCA Contingent travelled up to Christchurch to compete in the annual ‘South Island September Tournament.’ We travelled up in two brand new upmarket minivans which were heavily subsidized by OSCA. We were accommodated at Hotel So, which was right in the heart of the city, right on the doorstep of all the night clubs!
Nine teams travelled up accompanied by our dedicated coaches. This year we were lucky to have two teams come down from the Dragons Club in Wellington play against OSCA and Canterbury.

After a hard day’s workout on the basketball court, we went back to our rooms to have a shower, and then all headed down the road to have dinner at a Chinese buffet restaurant. Canterbury tested us with a quiz competition. The quiz was challenging with many fun questions covering a wide variety of categories. We were also keeping an eye on the time so that we wouldn’t miss the league kickoff! Because of the cold and damp weather, few of us went out after the dinner. Instead we had a lot of fun at the hotel having a few drinks and relaxing, followed later by a KFC midnight snack! The Wellington contingent also stayed at Hotel So, so we had a lot of fun catching up with some old friends and making new ones. The High school kids went out to play pool and then finished their evening off with a midnight snack at McDonalds.

The little tiniball and miniball kids also had a fantastic time at this tournament. It was great to see them running up and down the court during their games. After an initial shy start they soon realized that they had to become more aggressive to hold onto the ball and their improving scores reflected that as the tournament progressed.

Speaking on behalf of the Women’s Open team; we were thrilled to be able to take home the trophy for our grade after beating Canterbury. I definitely think that our Women’s grade competition that we played in every Tuesday night this year was a big contributing factor to our win as we were able to bond as a team better and steadily improve throughout the year!

Although OSCA didn’t manage to win the overall trophy, we managed to also take away the Mixed Open trophy, which was a really fun grade to play! Our Men’s Open grade unfortunately was lost in the very last seconds of their final!

A lot of us managed to play up to seven games altogether, so by Sunday afternoon we had no energy left when we were allowed to spend a few hours at the Riccarton Westfield shopping centre before starting our trip back to  Dunedin. 

This trip was another fun and exciting weekend to spend away. All the age groups were able to mix and mingle together. I hope that everyone that travelled up and down also had as much fun as I did! I can’t wait till our next OSCA contingent trip away!