South Island Chinese Basketball Tournament 2009

Lion Arena - The Edgar Centre, Dunedin - 26th/27th September 2009
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By Brittany Wong and Laura Sew Hoy

This year, OSCA hosted the basketball tournament on the 26th and 27th September at Edgar Stadium.  It was “the start of something new.” We were pleased to see a Canterbury contingent consisting of 50 players and supporters who travelled to our super, sparkling and sunny “sity.” Wellington also entered a Dragons team which consisted of only five players who were very competitive and energetic.
On Saturday, at the Edgar Stadium, between the hours of 9am and 5pm, intense basketball games were played. The youngest unofficial section was Tiniball. These Tini OSCA-raniuns showed great potential during their games and have a promising future.
The intermediate teams all had fantastic games, but in the end, OSCA Blue competed against Canterbury in the final. After a long and hard fight OSCA successfully took the win by one point. Both OSCA guys and girls high school teams had a clean sweep, winning all official games against Canterbury.
In the men’s section the games were very close. Both the OSCA teams that entered made it to the final and OSCA A came out on top.
In the mixed section, the Wellington Dragons created a huge upset for both OSCA and Canterbury teams. Not only did they win all their games but they played with five players over the entire tournament. Since the Dragons were not an official team, Canterbury took home the cup, winning in a close game against OSCA Uni Mixed.
While us basketball-keen OSCA-raniuns were busy battling our opponents, a small group of volunteers (basketball mums and dads) were busy preparing our scrumdidlydumptious feast. A fabulous dinner was served to just under 200 people.  This consisted of beef and mushroom casserole, roast chicken, roast potatoes, salad, corn, and stir-fry vegetables.  Dessert was a delicious chocolate gateaux roll, ice-cream, fruit salad and jelly. The main event of the night was the ultimate a-cappella challenge. As the night drew near the performers were frantically trying to pull together their super duper, amazing, blazing, good a-cappella items. Unfortunately Canterbury did not take up our challenge and their lack of input was not cool. When the time had come for us to shine, the team to step up first was ‘Take it in One plus One’. In their item, comedy rather than talent was shown; however it was an extremely entertaining performance. ‘Four and a Half Men’ performed their a-cappella item next. A great amount of enthusiasm was shown yet the song known as ‘Jizz in my pants’ was a little inappropriate for the viewers. The OSCA girls group called ‘Acagella’ performed lucky last. Amazing harmonies, dazzling dance moves combined with fabulous lead singers blew the crowd away.
After a hard night of OTP, our fellow OSCA-raniuns had lost an hour of sleep due to unforeseen circumstances i.e. daylight saving. The final results were established on Sunday morning. After an intense battle throughout the long weekend, OSCA came out as champions winning four out of five official sections….a major accomplishment which has not been achieved since Chee’s Primary school days (Yes, Chee is younger than you think!!!)  Overall, we had an O for awesome weekend and are looking forward to the future years.
The success of this tournament is attributed to many people:
Thanks to Lindsay and his team at Kaan's Catering for their generous food discounts and the donations of some food and plastic ware for the dinner. We also thank and acknowledge the hard work by Jean and her group of helpers on the Saturday afternoon.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the yummy food!
Special thanks to Henry who spent many hours dealing with eight versions of the basketball timetable!!!  He also organised the referees, bench duty lists, and played many basketball games in between supervising the tournament….
Finally, many thanks to our other dedicated organizing team members consisting of Janice, Peter and Frances.  We have our spies and we know that countless hours had been spent organizing uniforms, booking courts, planning the dinnerand food quantities, then ordering and collecting the food for the Saturday dinner.  They were spotted racing around in a huge Kaan’s van with lots of goodies for the Saturday night dinner and delivering potatoes and jelly around Dunedin!!!  Peter was driving very slow…we wonder why? Then on Saturday morning Janice and Frances were spotted with very serious faces as they contemplated the rapidly rising dinner numbers. Obviously a crisis was averted as later Peter was again spotted driving considerably faster around Dunedin in his search for more food!
By Gordon Wong

The OSCA miniballers really had their work cut out for them at this tournament.  Augmented by 3 intermediate players, they were split into two teams to step up to the Intermediate competition.  OSCA Blue did exceptionally well to beat Canterbury in the round robin and again in the final by a single point!  They were driven largely by standout performances from Jasmine and Nick with the remainder battling hard against mostly bigger and older opponents.

OSCA Gold contained the least experienced and younger players – Catch 22 – it was the only way to give these kids a game, but as expected they were completely outgunned firstly by the more experienced Canterbury players who were up to 4 years older and also by OSCA Blue.  A few of the kids were disheartened/shell shocked but lived to fight another day, scored one or two baskets and a few did pretty well.

By contrast, the tiniballers had a great time, despite losing all three matches to Canterbury.  During these stirring contests, Amelia and Zachary in particular really came of age.